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Billboard Advertising News

October 05, 2013 4:02PM

Motorists on Tullamarine Freeway driven to distraction by 'boobs' billboards.

Motorists on the Tullamarine Freeway are being driven to distraction by a huge sign that screams “BOOBS” in the style of the Bonds logo.

The billboard sporting the word 'BOOBS' in the style of the Bonds logo has appeared on the streets of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and been causing a social media buzz!

The baffling piece of advertising has no other information, prompting a mass call out for information. Has someone ripped off the Bonds Logo? Is Bonds Behind this? How could this be allowed?

The billboard is of good intent, an oblique reference to underwear maker Bonds' who are supporting and in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Various posts on social media back up this claim.

There has also been speculation they promote a new Bonds bra range.

We will let you decide. ard.

Source: The Herald Sun

September 09, 2013 4:14PM

Ella Bache billboard ads banned - smiles in, serious expressions out for naked models advertisement.

The same ad, but with the women smiling, has been approved because the women appeared to be more "happy and empowered", The Australian reports.

Ella Bache marketing director Samantha Bragg told the newspaper the company had been told the image with the serious expressions made the naked models look too "come-hither".

"We're a skin care brand," she said. "We think it's a beautiful image. It's what you would expect (to see in our advertising)."

Source: The Daily Telegraph